Friday, February 8, 2013

Moving back to the relatively real world

So I had to move recently to grow in this career. Turned on the phone and noted 3G network, more than two radio stations all in english and increased human traffic on the streets. Now I note that I miss that little beach town I had to leave behind. Walked to work this morning and noted the many vehicles, the noise, the dirty drains and my thoughts turned back to walking to work along the beach, pausing to note the size of the waves and the colour of the sea. I'm homesick for the town I left behind.

Standing at the airport when the plane landed and thought of the airport I left behind where my sisters all came. My brothers feigned excuses not to come say goodbye that they didn't want to see waterworks when I knew they were sad to see me go. The airport where my cousin hugged me and I knew he wanted to cry but was holding it back. Where my nephews and nieces helped me eat the chocolates I was supposed to take with me and where they insisted on staying while the delayed flight sat on the tarmac for an hour (it helps immensly that the sun doesnt set there till 1900HOURS).

Walked into the market and there was green produce aplenty and smiled as I thought of Koiya (a small Indonesian mini town) market and buying vegetables from the supermarket after the container ship arrives. But when a fight broke out outside the market and people starting running, I had palpitations and wished I was a million miles away.

So, yes I moved back to the relatively real world but I miss that sleepy little town where the sun doesnt set till late and everybody knows your name and respects your work. Where I found my voice, learned to lead and found laughter, friends and re-united with family...